ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: Having Faith in Prince and Celebrating the Genius of Gene Kelly

By Seth Rudetsky
23 Jul 2012

Corbin Bleu
Photo by Joseph Kelberman
This week on SethTV.com there are so many new shows to watch! Not Since High School, the big benefit I did for the launch party, is available. It stars Mandy Gonzalez, Norbert Leo Butz, Lisa Lampanelli, Chris Jackson, Susan Blackwell, Melissa Errico and Corbin Bleu singing songs from roles they played in high school. It's hilarious and everyone sounds great. Norbert's "Sadder But Wiser Girl" is a brava and Mandy segued "I Have Confidence" into the end of "Defying Gravity." Brava high F! There are also new episodes of "Seth's Broadway Chatterbox" and episodes two and three of "Seth's Reality" featuring Patrick Wilson and Martin Short! Here's the preview for episode two and episode three. The subscription is only $5 a month, which is literally less than what I spent on an iced soy latte this morning. What hikes a soy latte to that price? The shot of espresso? The soy milk? The ice? And why do I continually pay it? And speaking of Starbucks, I had an uncomfortable "I refuse to speak Italian for no reason" face-off with the Starbucks counterperson when I ordered two shots of espresso.

ME: Two shots, please.
ME: Two shots.
ME: (Barely perceptible conciliatory nod).
COUNTER PERSON: (Barely perceptible triumphant nod).

On "Seth Speaks," I had Chris March and Jesse LeNoir who were past contestants on "Project Runway." Or, from what they told me, "Project Prison." When they got on the show, they had to sign a contract saying that the producers could portray them in a negative light as well as altering their image and/or alter their voice! Plus, the show owned their life story forever! Chris said the contestants worked non-stop and the only break they got was after a judging. I asked if he meant they got a day or two off. He said he meant they got an hour or two off! The judgings, where they stand on the runway, would last seven hours! And if one of the contestants argued, they'd go back and forth with the judges for at least an hour. That's why a lot of them would just agree with whatever criticism came their way. The contestants also had severely restricted access to the outside world. Jesse said that they only reason they knew Michael Jackson died was because they were in a car going through Times Square and saw it on the newsfeed. Chris has been asked by many people why he cried when Sarah Jessica Parker came on the show. He responds "Because I had gotten eight hours of sleep...in four days!"