PLAYBILL BRIEF ENCOUNTER With Yvonne Strahovski, Golden Boy's Incandescent Lorna Moon

By Mervyn Rothstein
16 Dec 2012

Strahovski and Danny Mastrogiorgio in Golden Boy.
Photo by Paul Kolnik
Would you like to do more theatre, more Broadway?
YS: In the near future I think I need a break. Golden Boy is very demanding and challenging. But certainly in the future. Sure.

Is there any particular role that might interest you?
YS: I haven't even got that far. Well, actually, there's a play we did in our third year, last year, in drama school. Road, by Jim Cartwright [set in working-class Lancashire, England, in the 1980s] with many characters with a Lancashire accent. That would be fun to do now, as an adult, after having some experience.

Is there a film up next on your shooting schedule?
YS: Potentially, but unfortunately it's something I'm not allowed to talk about.

Have you had the time yet to see a Broadway play?
YS: No, I haven't. I know I really need to get out a little more. We've been in previews and rehearsals, and our schedule has been pretty hectic so far. Now that we've opened I may have a little more time — without having to go into the theatre every day to rehearse — to do a couple of things, provided they're not on the same schedule as my show.

Anything in mind particularly that you want to see?
YS: I want to see Glengarry Glen Ross. I really want to see the ballet, actually. It's on my list — the ballet in New York, which must be gorgeous. I have three of my best friends in town right now, so we're exploring the city a little bit.

I want to ask you about "Dexter," where you're appearing on Showtime with Michael C. Hall and which has its season finale on Sunday. How did you prepare to play Hannah McKay, a character who's a serial killer?
YS: I was really struck by the way Michael C. Hall developed his character [Dexter], because he plays a serial killer. I was fascinated by how he managed to create a likable character that everyone rooted for. He was very much an inspiration behind some of the stuff I wanted to do with Hannah McKay. I wanted to make sure that she was coming from a genuine place.

I also watched a couple of movies I hadn't seen before to see what I could get out of them. I was struck by Charlize Theron's performance in "Monster," when she played a serial killer, because she managed to put a lot of heart into that.

I don't suppose you can tell me anything about the season finale, coming up Sunday?
YS: No, I can't. We've just ended [this week's episode] on something very dramatic. I've been arrested. It's anybody's guess still who is going to survive.