ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: Seth Is a "Bunhead" Plus Lisa Lampanelli and Andrea McArdle

By Seth Rudetsky
21 Jan 2013

Lisa Lampanelli and Seth Rudetsky

This week on Seth Speaks (my SiriusXM talk show) I had Lisa Lampanelli, who was hilarious! She’s working on a one-woman show for Broadway (with former "SNL" writer Alan Zweibel) and is in the process of revising it because there were sections about her being overweight, but last year she had the surgery where they removed a part of her stomach (!) and since then she’s lost 95 pounds! I asked her about "Celebrity Apprentice" and specifically about Donald Trump’s hairstyle. I can’t repeat a lot of what she said, but she made a joke about a comb-over, somehow related it to seeing Susan Boyle’s crotch and ended by saying, “Talk about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’!”

My favorite story involved her doing her act on tour. She found out the Westboro Baptist Church was going to protest her. If you don’t know, they protest many things they think are pro-gay, and they purposefully pick things that hurt the most people. For instance, they claim that the U.S.’s tolerance of homosexuality is why there are American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, so they’ll show up and protest at military funerals. So, when Lisa heard they were coming to one of her shows, she decided to use the protest against them: She racked her brain to think what would really annoy them and finally announced that for every person who showed up to protest, she would donate $1,000 to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. She told me she thought around ten people would show up. Well, turns out 44 people were protesting! She was about to pony up $44,000 to GMHC but then decided it would piss them off more if she made it an even $50,000. Brava! She’s constantly bragging about how “rich” she is and told my audience what a big sacrifice it was to shell out $50,000 because “that’s what I get paid for like… ten minutes of stand-up."  Continued...