ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: The White Room, My "Smash"-ing Work, Plus Kristine Zbornik

By Seth Rudetsky
26 Mar 2013

Seth on the set of "Smash."

Now for some philosophy: You've heard "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" How about, "If you make a guest appearance on 'Smash' and completely forget that it's airing, were you ever on?" Apparently, yes! I was at home after a performance of Daring Duo and began to get a slew of tweets with the same word-play: "You were Smash-ing!" "You did a Smash-up job!" I got to see it and was really pleased! I was so scared I'd look horrible and/or sound like fake version of myself, but I wound up not being devastated! You can watch it on Hulu. And, Hulu.com allows you to watch the same two-minute scene dozens and dozens of times in a row…..I've heard. P.S., now that "Smash" is moving to Saturdays, a lot of people are saying it could spell the end of the show.

My friend Tim Cross posted on my Facebook page his theory: Apparently casting Seth Rudetsky in your show is the new "jumping the shark". Hilarious!

Speaking of Tim, I was reminded of him recently when I saw Dan Fink at one of the Midtown March Medley shows. Dan and I both did Les Miz back in the '90s. He was Feuilly (the one who has to hit the high A when he sings "We'll be there!") and I was a keyboard sub. Last Saturday, he was supposed to come to Unbroken Circle (in MMM), but couldn't make it. Why? Because when he tried to leave his apartment, the doorknob fell off in his hand! He was locked inside his own apartment! A few years ago, Tim was supposed to meet me, my good friend Jack Plotnick and my ex-boyfriend Aaron Dai for lunch. Tim called me and said he got locked into his apartment and asked me and Jack to get him out. Aaron was at work and we told him we'd be a half-hour late. Jack and I got to Tim's apartment and figured how to get his door open. We came into his apartment and a few minutes later, Tim approached us, looking pale. Turns out, he wanted to see if the door would do the same thing again, so he closed the door to test it! Guess what? It did do the same thing again but this time the difference was Tim, Jack and I were all locked in his apartment! Sadly, I was elected to make the mortifying phone call to Aaron and say that, yes, we did indeed unlock Tim's door, but now all of us were locked inside. Aaron was so irritated but still have the sense of humor to rage: "You're all like a bunch of Keystone Kops!" Excellent and accurate bust!

Speaking of Jack, I started again putting up what I call "Daily Shout-Outs" on my website, SethTV.com. Today's Shout-Out features Jack (who flew in to see all four Midtown March Medley shows) and in it he re-enacts what happened when he lost his voice doing A Little Night Music in college and he was forced to lip-synch while someone backstage sang his part. And, P.S., the person backstage singing his part was Kinky Boots star Billy Porter. The entire event was a big bomb and so effing funny. Take a gander