DIVA TALK: A Chat With Jekyll & Hyde Star Deborah Cox

By Andrew Gans
26 Apr 2013

Cox and Constantine Maroulis
Photo by Smallz & Raskind

Question: Tell me a bit about working with Constantine since you share a lot of stage time with him.
Cox: From day one I think we had a really special connection. He is the most professional person that I’ve ever worked with. Work ethic – we’re both very similar. We go in, we go hard, and we’re passionate and very focused. And he’s wonderful to play against because we both have such a passion for the roles. And, he’s got such a great talent, and not just vocally but as an actor, and I’ve just seen his wonderful work over the past seven months really come to life and just surprisingly surpass, I think, where we started. I mean, we’re still growing, both of us, in these roles, and over the tour we’ve become really good friends. We both have our families and we push each other when we need to, we motivate each other and we inspire each other on those days where we’re tired physically…We’re a team, and we’re in it to win it. So, it’s been a great, great pleasure. I don’t think I could’ve lasted this long in a show had I not had a good chemistry with him.

Question: Is this your first official opening night on Broadway?
Cox: This is my first official opening night.

Question: Are you excited about that?
Cox: So excited. So, so, so excited. This is a dream come true. These roles don’t come along very often. I feel like I’m starting a new chapter, "A New Life," really and truly, I feel like that song captures everything that I’m going through in my life right now; this transition into the musical theatre world, being able to re-originate this role and open on Broadway, and having the opportunity to take this role and make my mark. I’m really grateful and thankful for this opportunity and just trying to enjoy the moment, to live in the moment.

Question: What’s next after this? Do you plan to continue doing more musical theatre?
Cox: My plans are to continue developing some other projects that I have in the works that aren’t music related, and then to get back into the studio and finish up some music and get some new music out. Because between the tweets and the Facebook messages, the fans… everyone’s ready for another full-length album, of all styles [laughs]. The dance audience want their style, the jazz audience want their album – it’s just funny. So…I'm kind of torn in many different directions, but I'll get it all in!

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