ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: Seth's Easter Bonnet Antics With Ann Harada, Tom Hanks and More

By Seth Rudetsky
29 Apr 2013

Andrea Burns
Photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN

It seems I'm always having to translate people's obscure references. I got an email from a SiriusXM listener who asked me the name of the song where a guy sings about a chair. I finally realized he meant "Being Alive" in Company. ("Somebody sit in my chair...") Oy! Robert was so funny talking about getting older, busting the Jewish tradition of burying bodies right away. He said that he's terrified to fall asleep at his grandkids' house.

Grandkid 1: Where's grandpa?

Grandkid 2 : Hmm…he's not moving.

Robert (panicked) I'm up! I'm up!!!...The last time I had to dig myself out of the ground!

He has a show coming up at Stage 72, which used to be The Triad, which use to be Steve McGraw's, which used to Paulsson's. Anybody remembers the 80s? But back to 2013, where you can buy your tickets online here

I went to Andrea Burns' fabulous act at 54 Below and she has one more performance tonight (April 29th!), tickets here. The audience was filled with the cast of her current show (The Nance) including star Nathan Lane. Speaking of Nathan, people kept coming up to me afterwards and telling me how hard he laughed at the medley she did from The Ritz.

Back in 2007, Andrea was the stand-by for Rosie Perez who played Googie Gomez in The Ritz. At the end of Act One, Googie does a horrific Broadway medley that I wrote with Chris Gatelli and Joe Mantello. Andrea never got to go on for Googie, but I'd see her do it every week in understudy rehearsal because I was the understudy to Brooks Ashmankas. She hauled out the medley in her act and she was a brava! It was so fun to hear again, especially the moment I'm most proud of, which was created by both me and Chris: the inappropriate juxtaposition of the "Heaven on their Minds" vamp in the bass while Googie sings "Sabbath Prayer" ("May the Lord Protect and defend you"). So bizzare!

I'm not travelling this week but soon I'll be in New Orleans with the amazing Audra McDonald! If you're in the Big Easy (as in "easy" to gain 5 pounds a day) get tickets here. Peace out!!