ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: Biking With Audra McDonald, "From Broadway With Love" and SNL Stars Visit Unbroken Circle

By Seth Rudetsky
22 Jul 2013

Eve Plumb and Ana Gasteyer at Unbroken Circle.
She was going to the Performing Arts School at the time and when she came back, they were doing The Pirates of Penzance. She auditioned and wound up not getting Mabel or even one of the side ladies. No, she was cast as one of the pirates (!), which she thought was hilarious because not only did she have the requisite short hair, since it was just growing back from chemo, but she also only had one leg! Perfect! She just graduated college and now has her first CD called "Don't Fall." Her website is RuffSongs.com and her release party is July 23 at Iridium. The party will be a family affair since her mom is also doing her CD release at the same time! Not since "The Partridge Family!"

Maddy told me that recently she was doing gigs in a wedding band and she couldn't believe the contrast between the meticulousness of how weddings are planned vs. how haphazard the music companies handle themselves. For instance, after watching various videos, a bride found a band (featuring a lead with long blonde hair) she thought was perfect and got the music company to hire them. When the wedding was about to happen, the company realized that the band she picked wasn't available so they told another group of musicians to show up and pretend they were the band! The told Maddy that she couldn't answer to "Maddy." She had to tell everyone her name was Rebecca! And, they added, if anyone asked why she had brown hair, she had to say that she dyed it right after the video! Not since Running On Empty (Anybody? That 80's movie about people in the witness protection program?)

This week at Unbroken Circle we had two "Saturday Night Live" stars come! The Wednesday matinee had Tina Fey in the audience and the Wednesday evening had Ana Gasteyer! Tina was there with her husband Jeff Richmond, and they were telling me about three different songs they're writing with Nell Benjamin for their musical version of "Mean Girls." So exciting! Tina also told me about what she called the "worst job in New York." During the week's horrific heatwave, she had passed a man dressed in a very heavy-looking robot costume walking about Times Square. She was so horrified by what he had to do that she actually took a video which she then showed me. It's so hard and fun to watch because as you watch you know it has to be over 100 degrees in his costume but it's not even like what he's doing is worth it in terms of results. He's simply walking like a robot in a heat stroke-inducing outfit while everyone in Times Square completely ignores him. The video is hilarious/devastating.