ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: Photo Ops With Megan Hilty and Peter Joback Loves Musicals

By Seth Rudetsky
26 Aug 2013

Hilty on "Smash."
photo by Will Hart/NBC

As amazing as that sounds, it wound up being very difficult for Megan because there were people on the show who were annoyed that she was cast without getting full approval from the entire creative team. When she got to the set, people who worked on the show told her, "I had no say over you getting the role so you're gonna have to prove yourself to me." Yay? The good news is, she loved doing the show and told me her favorite part was being able to be the original singer on a slew of Marc Shaiman/Scott Wittman songs. However, at one point, they were in the recording studios and Marc and Scott asked her to listen to a song they had just written. It was a demo tape sung by the brilliant Christine Ebersole and the song was so beautiful that it made Megan cry. Sadly, the song wasn't for her. They just wanted her to hear it because they were really proud of it. She loved it so much and was devastated she couldn't sing it. She basically told them it was torture to hear a gorgeous song and find out it's for someone else. Then, months later, the script changed and the song went to Megan! Here it is. She sang it at the end of the concert. 

At the beginning of the interview, I asked her about her childhood and she pulled the old "I was such a nerd." I didn't believe her… until she admitted she spent one summer at "Opera Camp." That's right, a camp for teen girls who were aspiring opera singers. She flat out admitted there was an abundance of piano key scarves. Then, she claimed she wasn't a super pretty girl when she was young. I didn't buy it. That's usually what beautiful people say to sound "down to earth:" AKA models who claim "I was so ugly as kid. My eyes were so big and my hips were so small and my teeth were way too white."

Cut to, she whipped out a photo from when she was 10 and proved herself a truth teller. And she described her look: a part that began halfway down the side of her head and then hair pulled all the way to other side, pre-dating Trump's combover by a decade. One enormous earring that showed. Why? Because she was only wearing one earring. A man's turtleneck with and man's blazer over it, copying Joyce DeWitt's schoolmarm look on "Three's Company." And, naturally, head gear. That's right, she had a retainer that jutted out from her mouth, which she told us she could easily remove but chose to keep in her mouth. She kept it in not just during the school day, but during an actual school photo. Brava! But she's not wearing it now, so we took a photo in the so-called dressing room in Provincetown. We're about to kiss underneath "theatre mistletoe" AKA flypaper.

Speaking of head gear, her dentist told her a few years ago to wear Invisalign to keep her teeth in good shape. After a period of time wearing it at night, she decided to wear it while working. What was her job? The role of Glinda in Wicked! She said she put it in and immediately realized she had to take it out when the opening number sounded like "Let ush be glad, let ush be grateful! Let ush rejoishify…".

Underneath the "theatre mistletoe"