PLAYBILL.COM'S CUE & A: Manila Carrie Star Mikkie Bradshaw

By Matthew Blank
24 Sep 2013

What are some of your favorite activities when not onstage? I love hanging out with my daughter and dog. I love playing around with makeup. I also enjoy sketching, reading and, when I have the time, cooking.
First CD/Tape/LP you owned: S-Club 7 on cassette
What are some of your most memorable roles so far The one I'm working on now: Carrie
First stage kiss: None so far
Moment you knew you wanted to perform for a living: I don't even know how to answer that. I don't think I was ever made for anything else. I always knew this is what I wanted to do. Even when I did start to think I wanted to be a doctor or something like that I'd very quickly shrug the thought off because I always knew exactly what I was meant to do.
Favorite liquid refreshment: I am a sucker for a good chai tea latte
Pre-show rituals or warm-ups: I like to listen to music that gets me pumped up. Usually it's "Kings and Queens" by 30 Seconds to Mars or the "Part of Your World" reprise from The Little Mermaid.
Most challenging role you have ever played: Though I haven't taken her for a spin onstage yet, Carrie is definitely proving to be an exciting challenge.
What has been the biggest challenge about this project? My personality is so far from Carrie's personality, so I'm really trying to build her from the ground up.
What has been the most fun or fulfilling aspect? It's an honor to be telling this story. This story addresses a serious issue and I think, through staging it, we are speaking for those who have been victims.
Were you familiar with the novel or movie prior to taking on this project? My dad has always loved Stephen King novels and he exposed me to them when I was a kid, so I've always been familiar with it.
Worst flubbed line/missed cue/onstage mishap: I played Liesl in The Sound of Music a year ago. There was a scene where I was standing at the top of the stairs and the Captain (played by Ariel Rivera) was supposed to storm up the stairs and exit... instead he tripped. Badly.

And the entire audience erupted in laughter. When he finally got up to the top of the stairs he squeezed my arm and cursed under his breath. At this point I still have my poker face on. But when I got to the bottom of the stairs Joanna Ampil, who was playing Maria, was in tears with a hand over her mouth. For the remainder of the scene she just could not stop laughing.

Worst costume ever: I had a love-hate relationship with my Rock of Ages costumes. One particular costume left very little to the imagination. It was a tiny leather monokini that I wore as a stripper.

To make matters worse it seemed to squeeze every ounce of fat I had into my belly. It was not flattering.

Worst job you ever had: I did try a desk job for a while. After exactly 4 days, I quit.
If you could trade roles with anyone in the cast for a week, who would it be? Jill Peña, who plays Chris. It looks like so much fun playing the antagonist.
Any upcoming or side projects you can talk about? After Carrie I'll be playing an Ancestor in the Manila production of The Addams Family.
Leading lady role you've been dying to play: Sally Bowles in Cabaret
Leading man role you'd like a shot at: Guido in Nine
Something about you that surprises people: Most people are shocked to learn that I was a missionary kid and that I was homeschooled in a small town.
Something you are incredibly proud of: My daughter
Something you're embarrassed to admit: I'm an ugly sleeper.
Career you would want if not a performer: Either a teacher or a veterinarian.
Three things you can't live without: My eyebrow pencil, sushi and my little girl's impromptu performances in the living room.
"I'll never understand why…" … some people buy dogs if they can't care for them properly.
Words of advice for aspiring performers: Never give up. And once it's there, protect the work.