DIVA TALK: Tony Nominee and Fun Home Star Judy Kuhn Ponders Her Dream Roles

By Andrew Gans
01 Nov 2013

Victoria Clark in The Light in the Piazza
Photo by Joan Marcus
Margaret Johnson in The Light in the Piazza
Again, a woman who’s looking at her life through a different lens all of a sudden because of what her daughter is experiencing. She has to confront this lonely marriage she’s in and how to let her child go. … I’m also a mother in the process of letting my daughter go, now in college. As a parent, you’re so fiercely protective of your child, and then there’s a point you realize there’s only so much you can protect them from and they have to make their own choices, and you have to let them go… I’ve sung some of Adam [Guettel]'s songs, but I’d love to be in one of his shows. I just love his writing so much. I think he’s an extraordinary voice.