DIVA TALK: Tony Nominee and Fun Home Star Judy Kuhn Ponders Her Dream Roles

By Andrew Gans
01 Nov 2013

Kuhn in Fun Home.
Photo by Joan Marcus
Sofya Alexandrovna (Sonya) in Uncle Vanya
And then on the non-musical front, I would love to do more Chekhov. I had the opportunity to do Three Sisters a few years back. The part I’ve always wanted to play, again I think that ship has sailed, is Sonya in Uncle Vanya. I think it’s my favorite Chekhov, and I just love that play so much. There's something about her life and situation that I’ve always found so moving. I mean, Chekhov you can endlessly explore.

Nora Helmer in A Doll's House
Ibsen — I would love to do A Doll’s House, another piece about a marriage and a woman’s role in society, and which ways women and men, too, are trapped by their roles and expectations.

"Ultimately, it’s hard to say what you want to play because you don't know what’s coming," Kuhn explained. "I would’ve never known that I would want to play Helen in Fun Home because two years ago I didn’t know it existed. Ultimately, the role you want to play is the role that’s written for you. I wouldn’t say Helen was written for me, but I’d say it was written on me. Especially when you’re working with such great writers, that is extremely satisfying and gratifying… Maybe I’m being presumptuous, but when you feel like you’ve influenced the writing in some way, that’s I guess, ultimately, the dream."

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