DIVA TALK: A Chat With A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder Star Lauren Worsham

By Andrew Gans
07 Feb 2014

Worsham on opening night.
Photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN

Question: Do you have a favorite moment in the show for her? Is there something you look forward to each night?
Lauren Worsham: Yes. I particularly love the dinner scene because there is so much going on, and every single night I feel like we add new things.… There’s not a lot of singing, there’s not a lot of intense, dramatic sentimental moments — it’s just chaos and it’s a really, really fun scene to be in.

Question: I love the trio between you, Bryce and Lisa O’Hare…
Lauren Worsham: People love that. [Laughs.]

Question: What is that like to play?
Lauren Worsham: Oh man, it’s a lot of making sure I’m doing the exact right thing at the exact right time! All of our minds are constantly running, and our heart rate is up really high, trying to remind ourselves to breathe, and by the end, we’re all breathing really heavily, and, of course, I have to kiss Bryce at the end of that scene, and he is pretty sweaty. So that is pleasant… but he’s wonderful. It’s heart-racing but a lot of fun.

Question: Tell me a little bit about working with your two leading men, with Jefferson and Bryce.
Lauren Worsham: Jefferson and I hardly have any scenes together, just that one where he smacks me on the ass with the riding crop, but other than that we don’t have a lot of stuff together. But he’s an amazing person to watch. He’s such a hard worker; he’s completely dedicated at every single moment, and really invested in the whole piece, not just what he is doing. He’s a big advocate for the piece, and he’s wonderful to watch while he’s working every night. His consistency and how he takes and can gage the temperature of an audience and work with them. And, I should also mention that Jane Carr is the same way. She was telling me this trick about how when [audiences are] restless, she tries to get them to listen up and how she has different tricks for different audiences, which was very interesting. And, Bryce is wonderful. He is such a wonderful person. We did a reading of Kiss Me, Kate up at Yale. It was an alumni reading of Kiss Me, Kate, and it was the place where Christopher Durang ended up messing up his knee because he was playing one of the gangsters. That’s how we first met, and then a year later we ended up playing opposite each other. He’s a very, very giving actor on stage. He’s always with you, and I feel very supported. And, Lisa O’Hare is also wonderful. She’s a delight.

Worsham and Adam Monley in Carnival.
photo by Diane Sobolewski

Question: What was it like for you all when the rave reviews came out? Were you surprised?
Lauren Worsham: I don’t think anyone was surprised. I think we all felt that we were in something special. We felt that way, so it was more gratifying to see that other people agreed, but we never were surprised that it got great reviews because it’s such a wonderful piece, and it’s so well-crafted.… I don’t really read reviews. I did read the Times, but I try not to read reviews because it can make you go crazy. But we did know that they were all amazing because everyone kept sending us things. But I didn’t read them. It's been fantastic. We’re really hoping that those reviews can carry us through the icy doldrums of [the winter], so we’ll see. It was pretty exciting and it made us all feel very buoyed!

Question: Are you able to work on anything else while you’re doing this or are you just working on the show?
Lauren Worsham: I absolutely work on other things. The life of a freelance actor, which we all are unless you’re in a company, you constantly have to be creating your own opportunities, and I’m certainly not going to let all of that drop just because I have a wonderful gig now. [Laughs.] Now my gig is my day job… I have a band with my husband called Sky-Pony. We perform about once a month… I’ve already done two readings of new things, and I also have an opera theatre company called the Coterie School, so I’ll probably be doing a fundraiser next year.

Question: What type of music do you and your husband perform?
Lauren Worsham: It’s kind of like indy rock. Indy glam rock? You can check us out at www.sky-pony.com. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s pretty different from what I do on [the Broadway] stage. We performed at Joe’s Pub… and a lot of people from the show came, and we had a great time.

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