ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: Hurrying Home for the Hurricane; Marin Mazzie Talks!

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30 Oct 2012


A week in the life of actor, radio and TV host, music director and writer Seth Rudetsky.


What a nachtmare! Let's start pre-Sandy: Last Thursday I flew to Pittsburgh's City Theatre to do Seth's Big Fat '70s Show (aka Deconstructing '70s Variety Shows). As you know, I'm obsessed with natural disasters, and I was getting more and more excited that Hurricane Sandy could come to New York. My first performance went fantastic and I wound up getting a delicious review. However, soon things began to get stressful. The storm was going to cover much of the East Coast and I began to get nervous that my flight after my Sunday matinee was going to be cancelled.

James thought that LaGuardia Airport was more likely to have cancellations (because it's so near the water), so he suggested I get another reservation, but for a flight to Newark…just in case. I used my miles to get a flight that was scheduled to leave right after my matinee so I felt I was covered. Two different flights, two different airports. Cut to: right after my Saturday matinee I got an email telling me my flight to Newark was cancelled and re-scheduled to Monday! What? I knew the hurricane would be in NYC by Monday and there was no way the flight would leave.

Then I got another email telling me my re-scheduled Monday morning flight was cancelled and moved to Monday afternoon. I knew that my other flight to LaGuardia was probably going to be cancelled as well (it was), so I consulted with the theatre and they kindly let me cancel my Sunday matinee so I could fly back that morning. I got a 6 AM (!) flight and arrived back at my apartment by 9 AM.

That afternoon, however, things got much worse. I saw the signs. I knew she would probably arrive by Sunday afternoon, and I was right. I didn't know if my apartment could take the brunt of her, but I knew I had no choice. As I predicted, by late afternoon I was enduring the full impact of…my mother! That's right, Hurricane Sally made landfall at 5 PM Sunday. She arrived with her two shi tzus, with whom she has a very special relationship. For one thing, she insists they won't eat unless she literally hand- feeds them. That makes sense because, as we all know, dogs do not eat when they're hungry, they only eat when coerced by an 80-year-old woman speaking baby talk.


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