THEIR FAVORITE THINGS: A Little Night Music and Nothing Like a Dame Star Hunter Ryan Herdlicka

By Andrew Gans
13 Mar 2012

Lily Tomlin in the 2001 production of The Search For Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe.


"Lily's final monologue was so captivating: 'We were at the back of the theatre, standing there in the dark, all of a sudden I feel one of ‘em tug my sleeve. Whispers, 'Trudy, look.' I said, 'Yeah, goose bumps. You definitely got goose bumps. You really like the play that much?' They said it wasn’t the play gave ‘em goose bumps, it was the audience. I forgot to tell ‘em to watch the play; they’d been watching the audience! Yeah, to see a group of strangers sitting together in the dark, laughing and crying about the same things...that just knocked ‘em out. They said, 'Trudy, the play was soup...the audience—art.'"