PLAYBILL PICKS: From Jafar to Scar to Gaston, A Rogues' Gallery of Disney Stage Villains

By Michael Gioia
10 Apr 2012

Patrick Page as Scar.
photo by Joan Marcus

Villain: Scar
Musical: The Lion King
Crime: Be prepared — he's a sneaky one, that Scar! After Simba ventures past the Pride Lands and onto his Uncle Scar's territory, Scar devises a plan to use his nephew to kill his own brother, Mufasa, and become king. When Scar leaves Simba in a deserted gorge, he signals a stampede and alerts Mufasa that his son is trapped. After Mufasa saves his son from danger, he tries to get himself out of harm's way, but (spoiler alert!) Scar allows him to fall to his death. The backstabbing lion then convinces Simba to leave the Pride Lands forever —so Scar can take the throne.
Onstage: The role of Scar was originated on Broadway by John Vickery. The Tony Award-winning musical, which officially opened Nov. 13, 1997, recently became the sixth longest-running musical in Broadway history, having played over 5,900 performances.
Musical Numbers: Scar sings with his hyena sidekicks, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, in the first act number, "Be Prepared," and again, during the second act, in "The Madness of Scar." The score is by Elton John and Tim Rice.

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