THEIR FAVORITE THINGS: 2012 Tony Nominee and Evita Star Michael Cerveris Shares His Theatregoing Experiences

By Andrew Gans
09 May 2012



Michael Bryant (pictured here in The Tempest) in Brand at the National Theater. 


"Our first night in London my high school drama group saw Ibsen's Brand at the National, and I was transported by the production and felt like I was vibrating with the excitement and awe after the final avalanche scene. I waited so long at the stage door that the doorman took pity on me and rang up to Michael Bryant's room so that I could mumble my 'thanks for an unforgettable theatrical experience' or something like that. And, I couldn't believe the voice I'd heard bellowing from Brand was now kindly thanking me on the phone. I understood something for the first time about great actors and the people they are. I walked home alone (the rest of my class long gone) across the Thames to our hotel feeling so grown up and like I had perhaps found my place in the world...a whole new world." 

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