THEIR FAVORITE THINGS: Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Star Patrick Page

By Andrew Gans
23 May 2012


Christine Ebersole in Grey Gardens.


"I knew the documentary. Little Edie is an indelible character, and I thought, inimitable. So how did Christine Ebersole BECOME her so thoroughly? I can understand the external feat—astonishing as it was. She nailed the voice, the mannerisms, the flirtatiousness masking the fear. She landed every laugh with the kind of timing a true comedienne hones over a lifetime on the stage. She sang it impeccably, with a level of skill virtually unmatched in the musical theatre. But how did she capture the SOUL of another human being so completely? As Geoffrey Rush says in 'Shakespeare in Love,' 'It's a mystery'—one I am incredibly grateful I was able to witness."

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