THEIR FAVORITE THINGS: Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Star Patrick Page

By Andrew Gans
23 May 2012



Steven Berkoff in One Man.


"Speaking of British thespians, Steven Berkoff is sometimes egregiously overlooked when the roll call of the greats is taken—but that is only because his talent is so unique and his work so singular that he is difficult to categorize. British acting is dominated by a wonderful attention to language, which, unfortunately, has sometimes led to performances which neglect the body. Berkoff's training and apprenticeship to masters of physical performance like Lecoq and Marceau led to a completely new and full-blooded performance style. Berkoff is a gifted and prolific playwright, critic, essayist, and director. He often directs and performs in his own plays—as he did when he brought his solo performance One Man to New York. The first act consisted of two original pieces—Actor, and Dog—which were stunning displays of virtuosity—I will never forget the hilarious and obscene concerto he created out of the simple act of kissing his dog. The second act was the entirety of Poe's 'The Tell Tale Heart.' It was thrilling and terrifying—and one of the greatest performances I have ever witnessed."

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