"What I Was Born to Do": Bring It On Boasts a Record 32 Broadway Debuts; Meet the Newbies

By Michael Gioia
14 Aug 2012

Haley Hannah

"My nerves were through the roof!" said ensemble member Haley Hannah, who graduated with a BFA from the University of Michigan, about her first Broadway preview. Although the 24 year old from Leawood, KS, had no cheerleading experience before Bring It On, she said that she had "always been a performer, [and] taking on Broadway was much more exciting than scary!"

Hannah, who landed her first professional theatre gig with Goodspeed Musicals in Cutman: A Boxing Musical, added that Bring It On was a huge undertaking. "Bring It On has been the most physically challenging show I've ever been a part of," she said. "The biggest challenge for me was building the stamina to perform the show well… I am happiest when I am performing. I can't imagine wanting to do anything else."

Casey Jamerson

Casey Jamerson was athletic from the start. "I began cheering on an all-star team in Indiana at the age of six after four years of gymnastics," said the 22-year-old Bring It On swing from Pendleton, IN. "I had full intentions of cheering in college until I received a scholarship to play softball at Indiana University."

Aside from cheering — winning multiple national championships from 1996-2004 — and sports, Jamerson also pursued a country-music career in Nashville. "In country music I've performed on various stages from a young age, so an audience was nothing new. What is new," she said, "is performing with a group of my closest friends. I think the fear of making a mistake, which could essentially affect one of my castmates, scares me… A cheerleading coach at Indiana University, Tony Nash, had a lot to do with helping me pursue this opportunity. I owe him endless gratitude for believing in me."