"What I Was Born to Do": Bring It On Boasts a Record 32 Broadway Debuts; Meet the Newbies

By Michael Gioia
14 Aug 2012

Taylor Louderman

Taylor Louderman, the 21-year-old star of Bring It On, makes her Broadway debut as Campbell, the Truman-turned-Jackson high school cheerleading captain. "I had trouble in high school, and it has really pushed me to do something big and make a difference. Being from a small town," said Louderman, who hails from Bourbon, MO, "it was hard to believe it was possible, but I've had a blast defying the mold!"

Louderman, who has performed professionally at the St. Louis Muny, joined the first national tour of Bring It On after completing her sophomore year at the University of Michigan. Following the opening number during her first Broadway preview at the St. James, she thought, "'I wonder if this is what it feels like to be Beyoncé!' It was surreal. I still can't comprehend all of this."

Adrienne Warren

Although leading lady Adrienne Warren, 25, had no cheerleading experience before Bring It On, she was no stranger to the stage. Warren, who originated the role of fierce Jackson crew leader Danielle, performed in the 25th anniversary production of Dreamgirls, starring Jennifer Holliday, in Atlanta, GA.

Warren said, "I knew [Broadway was the goal] when I saw my first show at 5 years old, and I turned to my mother at intermission and said, 'I want to do that.'" The actress, originally from Chesapeake, VA, added that her family encouraged her to see it through. "They have been my biggest cheerleaders since day one," she said. "I love them all and thank them for all of their prayers and support... I definitely remember a couple of points during the [first preview] where tears came to my eyes because I couldn't believe my dream was actually coming true. What a blessing!"