PLAYBILL PICKS: David Mamet's Five Most Memorable Men

By Robert Simonson
25 Oct 2012

Robert Prosky as Shelley Levine in the original Broadway production of Glengarry Glen Ross.
Photo by Brigitte Lacombe

RUNNERS-UP: The actors and directors interviewed for this article largely agree with the selections for greatest Mamet men. The name that came up most often as a contender was Shelley Levine, the sad-sack salesman at the center of Glengarry Glen Ross. Jordan Lage, who knows the Mamet oeuvre as well as anybody, has a few other suggestions as well, among them: Bobby Gould in both Speed-the-Plow and The Old Neighborhood; Nick in The Woods; Bernie Litko in Sexual Perversity in Chicago; Robert in A Life in the Theatre; and Bernie in Reunion.

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