PLAYBILL EXCLUSIVE: Who's Who? Edwin Drood Troupers Share Bios of Their Alter-Ego Show Folk

By Playbill Staff
20 Dec 2012

Chita Rivera as Angela Prysock
Photo by Kevin Thomas Garcia

Angela Prysock (Chita Rivera)
Angela Sally Prysock. I was born in the East End of London, one of four children living in a tenement near the docks, with my Nan and Mother. I never knew my Father, who was a bigamist several times over. My mother left one day never to return, leaving me at the age 17 to raise the youngest of her brood, my half sister. Nan died and the family split up. Loving and needing people, I was drawn to listening to the music of the buskers on street corners, and all I wanted to do was escape to the world of music, acceptance and love. Had many jobs, but I was always searching for the music. Worked in The Vaudeville Theater doing anything, till my day came, and I grabbed it. No kids, 3 husbands (legally — I liked the men!!) I've been in the theatre for..... "Mind Your Own Beeswax" Years!!! And finally found my world of Love, Acceptance and Music in the Music Hall for 25 Years. By the way, my sister is tip top, and I am the proud aunt of 2 lassies and 1 lad. "Life Ain't Bad, I'd Say."