A Conversation With Groundbreaker Harold Prince On the Occasion of a New Phantom Milestone

By Harry Haun
25 Jan 2013

George Abbott

You're famous for having the first meeting for your next show the morning after you have a show open — a little thing you picked up from your mentor, George Abbott.
HP: Yes, he said it. It was good because, if you have bad reviews, you have to go to the office and work on something else, and, if you have good reviews, you regret that you have to get up that early in the morning but you're happy.

Well, I hope you continue that tradition and have many more mornings planning your next show.
HP: I'm working on more than one.

I know. The one you did in London . . .
HP: Paradise Found's sitting there as a script because we did it in the wrong venue. We did it in a small theatre. I was talked into that. It needs to be big, and that's difficult these days in the theatre because of costs so I'm waiting for maybe an opera company or an operetta company or something like that to come forth. I've just sort of put it out of my mind for the moment because it requires so much and it really is terrific material.

How far along are these shows you're planning?
HP: They're in the early stages, and obviously I'm not going to talk about them. I'm just really trying to say what I really mean, which is: Your eye's on the prize, your eye's on the future. It's nice to know that a lot of wonderful things have happened to your life and that so much of it has been successful. That's great, but the work is really what makes it fun — and that has to be the future.

Well, that fun you convey in spades. I can't think of anybody else who is more deserving of having the all-time capper of Broadway hits.
HP: Harry, that's a lovely thing to say, and I much appreciate it.

Thank you. And happy anniversary!

(Harry Haun is a longtime Playbill magazine staff writer whose work regularly appears on Playbill.com, for which he pens the popular Playbill On Opening Night column.)