THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 4, Or, Doping Out the Characters

By Kenneth Jones
27 Feb 2013

Jennifer Hudson
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

FUN FACT NO. 2: When searching the streets for an AWOL Jimmy, Kyle likes to listen and sing along with Billy Joel's "Everybody Loves You Now" on an iPod.

DEREK AS FOSSE: The choreography/musical arrangement that is finally settled on for Ronnie's "I Got Love" concert turn is a slinky Bob Fosse-style version of the Peter Udell-Gary Geld song, with Veronica in a mini-skirt, surrounded by grasping chorus kids. No more "good girl." Just kinda slutty. Ronnie has given in to Derek's bullying ("Connect with your body!" he barks). This episode is about compromise and patience, right? Except the men get what they want, usually after publicly shaming the women. The lesson learned by Julia: "Every scene [in Bombshell] should be from the man's point of view!" And Ronnie admits, "When I see Derek's work, I love it." No wonder Derek is smiling from the wings.

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Megan Hilty and Katharine McPhee
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