THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 5, Or, The "C" Plot Thickens

By Kenneth Jones
06 Mar 2013

Sean Hayes and Megan Hilty
Photo by Craig Blankenhorn/NBC

In the series' airless "C" plot, guest star Sean Hayes plays Terry, a Hollywood comedy actor hired to star as scheming Valmont in the dark musical drama Liaisons, featuring Ivy (Megan Hity) as the virginal Cecile. Veanne Cox, a respected actress who walks the line between character woman and leading lady in Broadway and regional productions, plays an Actress in the cast who characterizes his participation as analogous to Jim Carrey playing King Lear. Terry chooses to approach the musical drama as a wacky comedy, and the bullied Director (Jason Kravits) patronizes his star.

Ivy schools the apparently mentally challenged Terry, telling him that Liaisons is not a musical comedy, it's a drama with tragic edges. She says he should embrace his fear — it "can transform you." A manic Terry decides to go off all of his medications and jump into the experience. It remains to be seen if Hayes will cross paths with his former "Will & Grace" co-star Messing.

The smog has rolled back over the city.

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