THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episode 10, Or, Surprise, It's Liza!

By Ben Rimalower
09 Apr 2013

Michael Riedel and Liza Minnelli
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

Just as Ivy is starting to feel like inviting Tom to her real birthday party, Michael Riedel walks in with Bombshell's publicist (Daphne Rubin-Vega)?? Ivy is perplexed.

PUT DOWN THE KNITTING, THE BOOK AND THE BROOM, IT'S LIZA WITH A Z! Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony-winner Liza Minnelli walks in and what a lovely headband she's wearing.

Thank you very much, but it's Liza and that's my hair.

"How are you, honey? You look wonderful," Liza greets Daphne, as she fondles Michael Riedel's chest.

And then—"TOM, DO I HAVE ANYTHING IN MY TEETH???!?!!!!"—Liza is standing at Ivy's table.

"Hello, my lovely."
"Hello, my baby"
(Hello, my ragtime gal?)

Ivy says she's always dreamed about meeting Liza, which is weird considering her mom is Leigh Conroy (Bernadette Peters playing Patti LuPone). Like, didn't young Ivy get to meet Liza when Leigh won one of her Tonys? Didn't Liza present it? Or the time Leigh and Liza opened the Tonys together? Or when they sang for Sondheim at Carnegie Hall? And I could go on…

For a moment, things are lovely between Tom and Ivy. It worked! She's beaming at him, squealing.

Then, the vicious flash of pappa, pappa, paparazzi.

This was all a PR stunt????? I thought you did it for me, Momma/Tom. Tom doesn't even know how they found out. The only person he told is EILEEN!!!! Excuse him.

At least, to her credit, Eileen's like, "Yeah, I invited the press." Remember how we all want Bombshell to be a hit? I mean, it's not like Tom was giving Ivy a foot massage in his apartment. He invited Liza Minnelli to join them at Table 46. That's somewhere between skywriting and an ad in Variety.

Ivy heads out, thinking Tom used her for publicity.

Then the voice of God: Liza May Minnelli.

"Ivy Lynn, where are you going? Sit down."
"Oh, okay, Liza Minnelli."

In her best Dainty June manner, Liza explains what's about to happen. I'm gonna sing a song by a friend of mine who's also a friend of yours, OUR… FRIEND… TOM!!

Tom does a sweet intro—he did in fact forget Ivy's birthday and he's sorry. Take it away, Liza.