PLAYBILL ON OPENING NIGHT: Jekyll & Hyde and Orphans Hyde and Seek

By Michael Gioia
19 Apr 2013

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Foster was soon enlisted after the public firing (for "creative differences") of LaBeouf. "My mother called me up, and she said, 'I'm really happy the play didn't work out for you because I think it would be too hard on your heart,' and then I got a phone call the next day, and they said, 'You got the play'," explained Foster. "That was, I guess, a sobering moment because she knows me better than most people do, and if I don't feel like I'm dying at the end of the night, I figure I haven't handed in a proper performance."

Those in attendance at the show's after party praised Foster for stepping up to the plate, including playwright Kessler. "It was a rocky beginning, and Ben Foster caught up real fast and is amazing [with] what he did being on the stage for the first time. It's amazing, and he got stronger and stronger," said Kessler. "It was cast in heaven. Sometimes you're blessed."

Sturridge, who garnered critical acclaim for his performance of the mentally-off and socially damaged Phillip, said of his process, "I work quite instinctively. I don't really set out plans. I kind of follow what I think is the most honest route through the rehearsal process, and what I end up with is hopefully the truth… I suppose the first place I started was, 'How do you articulate sort of lucidly to an audience that a boy has not left his house in 15 years? How would he think, how would he look, how would he move, how would that make him different to anybody else?' That's where it all began, I think."

"The characters have no basis in any realistic pieces of my life," said playwright Kessler of the work. "I've never been a pickpocketing thief or been hidden in a closet for years… It's really a parable. It's not a realistic play. It's an allegory. It's like a modern-day fairytale, but the emotions are so strong and real, as in all wonderful fairytales, so I think people relate to it."

"It gets very raw and painful in the end," added Baldwin, before dipping into the crowd to join his Orphans co-stars.

View highlights from the production below: