THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season 2, Episode 12, or Here Come the Critics

By Ben Rimalower
22 Apr 2013

Megan Hilty
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

All it takes to make it in this business is one role that fits right for you.
You fought like hell and you got that role.
You are Marilyn Monroe on Broadway.
Now, get out there and show everyone what all those years in the chorus taught you.

And so she does, culminating in a spellbinding performance of Bombshell's 11 o'clock number, "Don't Forget Me," wherein we see Ivy in triumph over the spectral demons of Derek, Tom, Karen and her mother. At last, Ivy Lynn is a star.

Derek is screaming like a cheerleader. He's so excited and inspired. He can taste the Broadway in the air. He wants to move Hit List to Broadway. Good shows transfer fast!

As Tom pole vaults to the stage to join the cast in the curtain call, Rosie O'Donnell leans forward to tell Julia she can't wait to see what Tom does with City of Angels.

Julia is upset. Tom says this isn't about her. He just wants to make a name for himself as a director. Julia thinks they can still work while he does that, but Stephen Bogardus told him, "Directing a show like Angels is a full-time job." Stephen Bogardus would know.

Will Bombshell get good reviews? That is the question of the hour. Daphne Rubin-Vega, back as Bombshell's publicist, has no idea, but she's prepared for all scenarios, and it's fun to see the nerve center of her operation, with six people at eight computers and Bombshell posters everywhere with dry erase marker mock-up pull-quotes. This is Broadway, baby, the big time! But Daphne needs Eileen (as the producer of Bombshell for God's sake!) to make up with Richard Francis (of the New York Times FOR GOD'S SAKE!)—the last thing Bombshell needs right now is an enemy at the Times!!!!

Eileen tries. She brings him as her date, and everything's fine for like five minutes. They're all dressed up and smiling and schmoozing Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman in the lobby, like ya do. But then Scott thanks Richard "for the tip. We got the last two tickets to Hit List." Apparently, you can stop the beat. Scott gives Marc the old vaudeville signal to am-scray and Eileen and Richard are left to quarrel once again over the his article comparing Bombshell unfavorably to Hit List. Before the curtain even goes up, Richard is out the door.