THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season 2, Episode 12, or Here Come the Critics

By Ben Rimalower
22 Apr 2013

Krysta Rodriguez and David Call
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

Eileen also invites the entire cast and crew of Hit List to the Bombshell opening, and they all show up, even Adam, Jimmy's it-turns-out-not-just-drug-dealer-but-also-brother, as Ana's date. It's a good thing Jimmy talks to Karen about his dark past before Adam gets the chance to. (Jimmy planned it all with Kyle while trying on four different shirts to wear. How many clean, pressed dress shirts am I supposed to believe Jimmy has??) Karen appreciates his bravery, but she wants to see the new Jimmy in action and doesn't want any trouble tonight at the party. This Bombshell opening is going to be hard enough for her as the former Marilyn. Jimmy promises no funny business. Anyway, Kyle's his real brother now.

Brother-like, Kyle goes over to Ana to tell her to stay away from Adam and when it turns physical, Jimmy comes running over to kick Adam's ass.

As the chorus breaks into a flash mob of the "Dance at the Gym" from West Side Story, the grown ups take notice. Eileen mutters, "Of course, Hit List," and Jimmy and Adam are thrown out of the party.

Defeated, Karen is preparing to make a French exit when Ivy, mid-toast, calls Karen to sing with her. Marc Shaiman takes to the piano, and they knock an impromptu duet of the Sinatra anthem, "That's Life," right out of the park.

When the two girls share a private toast after the public one, Karen reveals that Derek asked her out a couple of weeks ago. Ivy realizes she is only Derek's second choice. No more of that, she's a star now. When Derek comes over to try to take her home, she coldly tells him she'll let him know if she needs him again.