THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two, Episodes 16-17, or "Give 'Em That Big Finish"

By Ben Rimalower
28 May 2013

Debra Messing
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

Daisy wins Best Featured Actress in a Musical. It's the fifth award for Hit List, which seems to be sweeping. Julia says she actually is rooting for Kyle to win over herself. He does. YAY! KYLE! Jimmy gives a good speech and gets a standing ovation. I actually tear up. Julia and Tom are so happily made up that they're actually talking and miss the announcement of their own (joint) win for Best Score until a cameras in their faces and "Let Me Be Your Star" is blaring. They give a cute, short, sweet speech as BFFs.

Derek wins for Hit List and takes the stage to a volley of boos and hisses. He thanks the voters for judging the work, not the man, and also thanks, "someone I love very much. I owe her everything. Ivy Lynn." Right into the Bombshell number, "Let's Be Bad." Perfect.

On a high of good feeling, Derek takes Ana and Karen backstage and fires Daisy. The Hit List cast is thrilled. No one wanted to perform with that bitch anyway, so she was going to have to do a solo. Now, instead, the whole cast (including Ana) does an a capella "Broadway, Here I Come," in their formal wear. It's kind of great, although I wonder if Ana's bailing on the Once tour, or what's going to become of the part of Diva in Hit List—oh, wait, the "Smash" writers don't care anymore! There is no tomorrow! At this point, you kind of expect the Best Musical winners to zip up through the ceiling in a great, glass elevator!

Patrick Dillon congratulates Tom and Julia. He's flying back to LA. Would they consider writing a movie musical? Are they still a team? They happily answer yes to both. Then, as Patrick walks away, Julia convinces Tom to ask him out. Tom runs after him, asks him out and impulsively kisses him. Patrick says he's flattered but he's not gay. Tom responds, "That's how all my straight friends kiss me." I guess we're supposed to think it was a passionate kiss. It was a little short. I could be convinced either way. I guess we'll never know!

Now to present Best Actress in a Musical, three-time Tony nominee Marin Mazzie. After a strategically placed commercial break, Ivy Lynn wins. All is well with the universe. She thanks her mother and there is no applause. Maybe this audience is as confused as I am about who's Bernadette and who isn't.