PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Buyer & Cellar Star Michael Urie Picks His Favorite Barbra Streisand Songs

By Playbill Staff
18 Jun 2013

"Life On Mars" Barbra recorded this brilliant David Bowie cover, and all is right with the world! It's simply huge in every way. The first time I heard it, I listened to it again immediately. I liked it so much that I begged Stephen Brackett (our director) to make it our exit music as the audience leaves the theatre after the show. I also love this song because it symbolizes the end of my show, which is my favorite moment every night. I don't mean that I'm happy to be finished, but since I'm on stage and talking for 95 minutes straight, without a break, finally getting to exit means I can use the restroom, take a drink of water, pop a lozenge and really think about everything that just happened. It's a nice moment of reflection. And synthesizers.