Pomp and Circumstance! Teenage Newsies Celebrate High School Graduation on Broadway

By Michael Gioia
20 Jun 2013

David Guzman
Photo by Monica Simoes
David Guzman
Age: 18
Hometown: Brockton, MA

What high school did you attend? I went to Brockton High School.
Favorite subject? My favorite subject was math.
Least favorite subject? Probably English… I wasn't a big fan of writing, and I liked math because both of my parents are math teachers, and it just naturally came to me. It was an easy subject, so it was fun.
Did you ever think you'd be graduating high school on Broadway? I did not, actually, at all think I was going to be on Broadway. My goal was always to go to college for dance. I wanted to come to New York somehow — all the schools I was looking at were in New York, so I knew that was the place I had to be. I always thought of taking a dance road in the future, but it just ended up working out perfect that I was able to be on Broadway. I never thought it would happen — that simple!
Favorite high school memory? I think my favorite high school memory was that I was able to go on "Dancing With the Stars" with a couple of friends from my dance school. It was junior year with my brother and two other friends.
What are your plans for after high school? I do want to go to college. I'm not going to be attending college this fall, but hopefully in the future. I'll definitely want to…but as of right now it's put off on hold. I'm just going to stay focused on the show. I definitely want to stay here for a long time.
Dream schools? I always had a dream school like [Alvin] Ailey or Juilliard for dance, but I don't know if it's necessary to go to school for dance anymore now that I'm already in the professional world.
What other career path would you choose if you weren't on Broadway? If I weren't on Broadway, I would probably try to be in a dance company somewhere, still dancing. But, if I wasn't dancing, I think my goal is to be a physical therapist because I like to know more about my body. Becoming a physical therapist will help me keep my body in shape, so I don't fall off the dance charts!