From Dating Disasters to Finding The One, Broadway's First Date Cast Shares Most Memorable Dates

By Michael Gioia
06 Jul 2013

Bryce Ryness

Bryce Ryness (Gabe/Edgy British Guy/Gilberto)

The best first "first date" I ever had was, coincidentally, the best New Year's Eve party I ever attended. It was Y2K, and everyone was in knots about whether the world was going to end at the stroke of midnight, remember? I was still in college, so that Christmas break, I attended a large conference of the southwestern region of the campus ministry I was part of. Coincidentally, the girl at school that I had a mad crush on (Meredith, my future wife) was also attending. Like I said, it was a Christian conference, so the New Year's celebration was all very, very PG-rated. The lights were on (for the most part), everyone was just dancing and having a grand ol' time — nothing crazy, nothing lascivious. Just good, clean fun. So, at the stroke of midnight, I slyly shimmied up to her, counted down, "5-4-3-2-1-"... And, when it was clear that computers were still working and the world had not ended, I planted a sweet, tender kiss on Meredith. Our first kiss, and, I guess, our first date (in a way).