Which Role in a Broadway Revival Would You Most Like to Play?; Over 80 Actors Respond

By Andrew Gans
17 Jul 2013

Jim Stanek

Jim Stanek
When I was in college, if I wasn't listening to a show by Sondheim, I was listening to any show by Maltby and Shire. Now, while I've had the honor and pleasure of being in several Sondheim shows (including my stint on Broadway as Hero in ...Forum), I still haven't done any Maltby and Shire! Though, I did get to work with Richard Maltby when he directed The Story of My Life on Broadway, but I never got to tell him how much I would love to be Nick in Baby, or either guy in Closer Than Ever or Starting Here, Starting Now. Other musicals: I would also like to play Paul in Carnival (I grew attached to the part after doing it at The Kennedy Center several years ago), Alfred/Sam in Romance/Romance, Charlie Brown in either show with Charlie Brown in it, and I would give (almost) anything for someone to take a chance on The Story of My Life again, so I could play Alvin Kelby. As far as plays...there are too many to list, but I'd like to revisit some Chekhov, play Iago, and do any of the roles in the plays that inspired me when I was younger...now that I'm old enough to play them!


Graham Rowat
My dream role is Sweeney Todd. Vengeance, madness, and Sondheim's menacing score — what more could a performer ask for?