Which Role in a Broadway Revival Would You Most Like to Play?; Over 80 Actors Respond

By Andrew Gans
17 Jul 2013

Andrea Marcovicci

Andrea Marcovicci
If I had a chance to play Coco Chanel in Coco in a Broadway revival, I would be in heaven. Having played the part at the York Theatre, I know what an undiscovered treasure the score is, what a tour de force her character is, but I would dearly love to see those costumes and sets that only Broadway can provide!

Susan Blackwell
When I was in high school in rural Ohio, I used to lock myself in my farmhouse bedroom and put on Len Cariou’s makeup from Sweeney Todd. Picture me as a 17-year-old girl, face powdered, eyes bruised with shadow, holding a curling iron above my head, screaming 'At Last — My Arm Is Complete Again!!’ In summary, I think I’d be fantastic as Snoopy in Peanuts.