AUDIO EXCLUSIVE: Five Songs from Maury Yeston's Tom Sawyer – A Ballet in Three Acts

By Adam Hetrick
15 Aug 2013

Dance of the Fireflies
"Act One focuses on Tom's life on the Mississippi; Act Two presents the story of a murder committed by Injun Joe, as witnessed by the hidden Tom and Huck at darkest midnight in the spooky cemetery. This led to a chance I'd been looking for – a chance to invent: a way for the music to stray from literal narration and create the kind of enchantment that the world of ballet can deliver so exquisitely. As twilight falls, Tom and Huck set out toward the cemetery – but we are in Missouri, in summertime…and boys have imaginations. Out of the corner of their eyes they catch, first one, and then another glimpse of two fireflies. In a moment, they are completely surrounded and entranced by ballerina fireflies twinkling and sparkling in the night."

"Dance of the Fireflies"





Yeston won Tony Awards for Best Score for Titanic and Nine, and was nominated for Grand Hotel. His works also include Phantom, Death Takes a Holiday, Goya and the song cycle December Songs.


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