PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Sierra Boggess Shares Her Favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber Songs

By Adam Hetrick
21 Aug 2013

"Twisted Every Way" from Phantom of the Opera. While I'm on the subject of Phantom... This is my favorite song to sing in the show. When Raoul sings the line, "You said yourself he was nothing but a man, yet while he lives he will haunt us til we're dead." It's such a gorgeous, simple and gentle melody - almost like a lullaby and yet he's not even close to being on the same page with Christine – offering her no support... And then she begins "Twisted Every Way" with such a sadness and turmoil, yet the melody is calm, melodic, unwavering and continuous to reflect her thoughts. It's the PERFECT reflection through MELODY of where she is at in that moment.