From Stage to Silver Screen: Top 15 Movie Musicals of the Last 50 Years

By Ben Rimalower
14 Sep 2013

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta

11. "Grease" (1978, directed Randall Kleiser)

"Grease" is not a brilliant musical, but it's been exceedingly popular since its long-running original Broadway production in 1972. It's a fun piece of 1950s nostalgia. The movie, not a faithful adaptation with its liberally incorporated pop songs, and disco-era auxiliary compositions by the BeeGees and others, manages to create a hybrid world of its own where these 30-something stars make sense as high school kids. The staggering success of the movie has contributed to even more stock and amateur productions all over the world and yet even in high-profile Broadway and West End revivals, nothing can ever approach the impact the film makes with the material.  Continued...