The Top Ten Musicals Captured Live on Stage

By Ben Rimalower
21 Sep 2013

Sally Ann Howes

9. A Little Night Music

Unfortunately never commercially released, but at least for now, available in its entirety on YouTube, Scott Ellis' 1990 New York City Opera production of A Little Night Music is a wonderful document of the beloved musical. This particular version is widely known as the cast performing "A Weekend In The Country" on the DVD, "Sondheim: A Celebration at Carnegie Hall." Those actors, most memorably Maureen Moore as a sort of Madeline Kahn-meets-Joan Collins take on Countess Charlotte, are all present, with the exception of Mark Jacoby, who was filling in for Michael Maguire at Carnegie Hall. And what you get here, not seen on the "Celebration" DVD, are the three generations of Armfeldt women, beautifully embodied by musical theatre staple Sally Ann Howes, Sondheim veteran Danielle Ferland and the delicious Regina Resnik.  Continued...