I'm Breaking Down: The Top Ten Songs by William Finn

By Ben Rimalower
16 Nov 2013

7. "When the Earth Stopped Turning" (from Elegies)

Like "Anytime," "When The Earth Stopped Turning" is another sophisticated and broadly relatable power ballad of sorts. It can even be considered a bookend to "Anytime," as it's written from the perspective of the person who has lost someone, although still focused on the message of the deceased — in this case, a life's wisdom — which in other hands might have been saccharine, but which soars in Finn's bittersweet morsel, laced with humor, just a tiny bit profane and quite profound.

The world is good, she said.
Enjoy its shit, she said,
‘Cause this is it, she said,
So make a parade of every moment.