PLAYBILL PLAYLIST: Once Upon a Time in New York City Songwriters Pick Songs that Define "City Livin'"

By Michael Gioia
19 Nov 2013

Rob Rokicki: "Left and Leaving" (The Weakerthans). The song is called "Left and Leaving" from the album of the same name by the incredible Canadian band The Weakerthans. The city is personified as an old acquaintance, and it's filled with beautiful images and metaphors. It's about so many things: loss, choice, about those we leave and that leave us. For me it's also about how we, and the city, are always changing (for better or worse) and how we're haunted by the past and the decisions we've made. Though the line "We meet here for our dress rehearsal to say, I wanted it this way" isn't specifically about the "biz," I find it particularly powerful.