Life is a Cabaret: The Top 12 Liza Minnelli Albums

By Ben Rimalower
23 Nov 2013

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The Rink, Original Broadway Cast Album

It's been well documented that 1984, when The Rink played its brief Broadway run, was a tumultuous time for Liza Minnelli. The strain is evident in her singing on the original Broadway cast album of The Rink, but nonetheless, not one of the many more supply-voiced performers who have done "Colored Lights" (Minnelli's first solo in The Rink), can touch the personal conviction Minnelli brings to the recording. Only Liza Minnelli can sing, "I was sitting on a sand dune in Santa Cruz — or Monterrey. Well, anyway..." and all the other "Well, anyway..." corrections in "Colored Lights" and have you believe her every single time. And hoarse or not, there's no substitute for Minnelli opening up to full vibrato on the last lines of the song. She brings the same passion to her fantastic duets with Chita Rivera and, especially, to the insane tour de force, "All the Children in a Row."