Life is a Cabaret: The Top 12 Liza Minnelli Albums

By Ben Rimalower
23 Nov 2013

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"Live From Radio City Music Hall"

"Live From Radio City Music Hall" is probably the most popular Liza Minnelli album, as it represented a major early 90s comeback in a legendary run at Radio City Music Hall, followed by a worldwide tour and television special. Its release also happened to coincide with the beginning of the widespread domination of the compact disc format. For years, this was the most consistently available Liza Minnelli album. No disrespect to "Live From Radio City Hall," though working with less voice than ever before, this streamlined, slimmed down Liza was sharp and hip — musical, rhythmic and perfectly produced and packaged. The result is not only terrific recordings of great arrangements of songs new and old to the Minnelli repertoire, but indeed definitive versions of "Teach Me Tonight," "Some People" and "Theme From New York, New York." Her voice might not be what it once was, but man, does she know how to work a key change.