Playbill Poll: What Pop or Rock Album Should Be Adapted for Broadway? Readers Respond

By Jared Clough
24 Nov 2013

 Eden Tuckman: If I wanted to see another jukebox musical made, I’d definitely go with Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours.
Richard Johnson: ‘Rumours’ is a great idea!
Alec Carroll: The Fleetwood Mac – Rumors Album!
Pop Bitez: Blood on the Tracks – Bob Dylan, Darkness on the Edge of Town – Bruce Springsteen, An Innocent Man – Bill Joel, and one more vote for Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

"Rumours" was the 11th and most successful studio album released by Fleetwood Mac, winning the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1978. Selling over 45 million copies, "Rumours" became one of the best-selling albums of all time. It reached the top of the US Billboard 200 in 1977-78. Take a listen to their 1976 single and classic, "Go Your Own Way."