Carrie Underwood, Christian Borle, Laura Benanti, Stephen Moyer and More Share Their Favorite Things from The Sound of Music

By Adam Hetrick
01 Dec 2013

Christian Borle
Photo by Monica Simoes
Christian Borle, Max Dettweiler:
What really struck me during the read-through, and hearing the show for the first time, was what the title of the show actually means. This family, who has lost their mother – Captain von Trapp has lost his wife – they haven't had music in their home, which used to be such an important part. Then, this moment when Maria comes back and brings music to the home, which Captain von Trapp resists, and resists, and resists, for obvious reasons... When he allows it and he allows himself to sing with these children and it kind of heals this family... It just was a very beautiful, emotional moment, which I think is the heart of the show.