CUE & A REVISITED: What Are Your Special Skills?; Over 70 Actors Respond

By Playbill Staff
26 Dec 2013

Krystal Joy Brown
Krystal Joy Brown

The editors of have combed through the past eight years of our popular Cue & A feature to select some of our favorite answers to the question, "What are your special skills?" Over 70 responses from Broadway actors follow.

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Caroline O'Connor
I can sing in French. I can make a chicken out of a towel. That’s about it.

Jonny Orsini
Flirting with older women, dancing like a goofball to 90s hip hop music.

Lisa O'Hare
"SPAVING"- spending whilst saving at the same time. Very special skill!

Evan Jonigkeit
Making a perfect soft-boiled egg.

Krystal Joy Brown
Many people don’t know that I am a contortionist, and I can crush cans with my shoulder blades.

Ben Fankhauser
Dialects, licensed driver, great with children.

Phillipa Soo
I make a really great risotto, and will knock your socks off with my chocolate chip scones.