PLAYBILL POLL: Who Should Star in the Title Role of the Upcoming HBO Biopic "Madame Rose"? Readers Respond

By Jared Clough
23 Mar 2014

Patti LuPone
Photo by Ethan Hill

Jen Lau Patti LuPone, no contest.

Robin Ross Do you really need to ask? Patti Lupone, of course!!!

James Gibson-Bray Patti.

Luka Ashley Carter Patti LuPone!!

Jennifer Hickey-Scarpella La LuPone!

Mike Martinelli ‪Patti LuPone

Lyndsay Wilshaw Patti LuPone will always be Mama Rose in my book!

Gina Guarino Lupone.

Charlotte Curry Always a Patti

Paige Phillips Patti LuPone, because she's Patti LuPone.

Andrew Stevens Purdy PATTI

Gaspar Marino Patti Lu Pone.

Maryann Valbiro LuPone....enough said.

Patricia Burns LuPone....without a doubt

Paul Sheppard Lupone of course!

Remi-Marie Presky PATTI LUPONE!

Robin Lifton Cheris Patti

Sandra MacDonald Adams Patti LuPone

Tom Zurla LuPone!!!! Period!!!!

Christine Wright Lupone!

George Piatt Patti LuPone

LuPone played Rose in the 2008 revival of Gypsy, alongside Laura Benanti and Boyd Gaines, a production that garnered Tony Awards for all three actors. Two-time Tony Award winner LuPone has recently been seen in the TV series "Girls" and "American Horror Story: Coven."