From Stage to Silver Screen: Top 15 Movie Musicals of the Last 50 Years

By Ben Rimalower
14 Sep 2013 correspondent Ben Rimalower offers a list of his top 15 favorite movie musicals of the last 50 years.

As if there weren't enough modifiers in the heading, "Top 15 Movie Musicals Of the Last 50 Years," I still have to preface this list with a few disclaimers. I've obviously made it a little easier on myself limiting the time period, but this is still extremely subjective. By cutting off decades of classic Hollywood musicals, including everything with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, not to mention "West Side Story," I've basically avoided having to defend my apathy toward dance, but you should still know this list reflects movies that offered me something akin to what I look for in a musical onstage, which is mostly about that kind of storytelling narrative singing that offers a heightened experience of character and comedy and drama.


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