How Theatre People Weathered Hurricane Sandy; Wine! Food! Friends! Kids! Pets!

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30 Oct 2012

Lauren Sambataro and Allyson Carr Arena

Actress Allyson Carr Arena, of Mamma Mia!, is "hanging out with friends from the cast." She said, "I'm crashing with Lauren Sambataro and we are drinking wine and painting her apartment. Mark Dancewicz and his dog are also here as we prepare to paint, workout and then carve pumpkins."

Actress Hannah Elless, of Broadway's Godspell and Off-Broadway's The Other Josh Cohen, said, "Monday is my normal day off and when I usually do my grocery shopping anyway. It's worth noting that I'm not from the East Coast, so Sandy is my very first hurricane. I guess New York beat me to the stores. Wish me luck! They're aren't a lot of recipes involving both Cheez-Its and chocolate chips. Happy Hurrication!"

Actress Courtney Reed, of Broadway's In the Heights, said, "Sandy gave me an extra day to memorize my sides! So I'm being a good girl. Just me, my PJ's, hot tea, Hello Kitty and my sides before chillin' with my roomie and neighbors while they cook baked ziti and watch a horror flick. I'm not mad about it."

Matt Blank, Michael Gioia and Adam Hetrick contributed reporting.

(Kenneth Jones is holed up with his actor-playwright partner Jeff Talbott and their cat in their Sunnyside, Queens, apartment. The local Key Food nearby looked like the helicopter scene from Miss Saigon on Sunday night. No bread left on the shelves. Follow him on Twitter @PlaybillKenneth.)

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