Phantom Las Vegas Celebrates Fourth Anniversary With Multiple Masks

Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular celebrated its fourth anniversary the weekend of June 26 in a way that would surely make the mysterious, disfigured composer of the title proud.

Following a performance of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical at The Phantom Theatre in the Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino, the entire audience was given Phantom masks so a special photo could be taken. The audience of more than 1,800 made for the most “Phantoms” ever assembled in a single space. The event concluded with an appearance by the chandelier that has become a symbol of the show in its Vegas and many other worldwide incarnations.

To view video of the event, which also includes remarks from the show’s Vegas stars, Anthony Crivello (a Tony Award winner for Kiss of the Spider Woman) and Kristi Holden, look below:

— Thomas Peter